Find Stump Grinding Services in Cornelius, OR

Stump removal is a specialty at Bjorn’s Tree Service

You don’t have to live with tree stumps in your yard. At Bjorn’s Tree Service Inc, we pride ourselves on thorough stump grinding services at Cornelius, OR properties.

We’ll first call the utility company to make sure we can remove the stump safely. We’ll then bring in our grinder to perform the stump removal.

Don’t worry about a mess getting left behind once the work is done. We’ll get rid of roots and smooth over the spot to make it look like a stump was never there. Afterward, you can use that space to plant another tree or install a new flowerbed.

Call us right away at 503-201-3899 to schedule stump grinding services in Cornelius, OR.

Don’t let tree stumps ruin your yard

Don’t let tree stumps ruin your yard

Tree stumps don’t look good in any yard. Besides the lack of visual appeal, stumps are a pain because:

  • Children could trip over them
  • It’s hard to maneuver lawn mowers around them
  • They take up space you could be using for something else

We can grind down your stumps about 12 inches below the surface. Reach out to us today for a stump removal that will improve your yard in Cornelius, OR.