Are Your Trees Overgrown?

Turn to us for tree pruning in Cornelius, OR

Overgrown trees can bring down your curb appeal. Hire the professionals at Bjorn’s Tree Service Inc to get your tree pruning done. We can perform tree trimming services in Cornelius, OR.

Don’t put yourself in danger trying to trim your trees yourself. Our professionals are trained to climb trees and prune them properly to promote growth. We can also trim bushes around your property.

Contact us now to discuss your tree pruning needs with an expert.

3 reasons to prune your trees regularly

3 reasons to prune your trees regularly

If you want strong, healthy trees in your yard in Cornelius, OR, tree pruning is a must. Here are a few reasons why you should schedule tree trimming services today:

  1. Cutting off overgrown limbs will give your yard a uniform look
  2. Pruned trees are better at withstanding harsh weather
  3. Pruning gets rid of dead branches that could damage your property

Pruning your trees can also improve your view. Get in touch with us today to find out how great your yard can look after our tree pruning service.