Clear Up the Brush Around Your Property

Talk to us about tree chipping in Cornelius, OR

Is brush threatening to take over your property? Bjorn’s Tree Service Inc can help you take action. We offer tree chipper service in Cornelius, OR.

We’ll clear away small trees and bushes at your property and feed them into our chipper. We can either dispose of the chips properly or give them to you to use how you would like. Our tree chipping work is clean and efficient. Contact us today to learn more about our tree chipper service.

Use chips to improve your yard

Use chips to improve your yard

Brush chips can serve a number of purposes in your yard. You can use them to reduce weeds, retain soil moisture and add natural beauty to your garden and walkways. Brush chips can also regulate soil temperatures.

If you’re ready to repurpose the brush around your property in Cornelius, OR, call us now for tree chipping services.