When Your Trees Need Some TLC

We offer tree care services in Cornelius, OR

Tree Removal

We'll keep a diseased tree from falling on your property.

tree removal services in Cornelius, OR


We'll turn brush into wood chips that you can use in your yard.

A wood chipping machine in Cornelius, OR

Stump Grinding

Stop tripping over that stump in your yard. We'll get rid of it for you.

Stump Grinding


Keep your trees healthy and beautiful with regular pruning services.

A tree expert doing tree pruning in Cornelius, OR

How to Grow Gorgeous Trees in Cornelius, OR

Leave your tree needs to an expert

If you want the best-looking trees on the block, turn to Bjorn's Tree Service Inc for tree services. Our tree expert can handle all of your tree needs in Cornelius, OR.

We can transform your unruly trees into beautifully shaped, pruned and healthy trees. We also perform tree removals. We'll evaluate your tree and only cut it down if absolutely necessary.

If brush is taking up too much of your yard space, call us for tree chipping services. We can dispose of the wood chips for you, or you can use them in your yard and garden. We can even cut the trees into firewood for you.

Call our tree experts right away at 503-201-3899 to discuss our tree services and stump grinding options. You'll get an estimate on the work we recommend.

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Why should you choose us for tree services?

We pride ourselves on running an honest tree service business. Here are a few reasons why the Cornelius, OR area has trusted our tree expert for years:


We're licensed, bonded and insured.


We have more than 40 years of experience.


We use efficient diesel machinery.

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